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Tuesday 10 October 2017
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Lo que no te puedes perder si vas a las Fallas

The flaws could be considered crazy when seen from outside … and we know you are crazy when you see them from within. But crazy good: the city enters a trance of complete joy and happiness for five intense days.

Notes for next year and come to Valencia to live failures, it is something to do at least once in life.

Do not miss it

And do not miss anything and come home with a general idea of ​​what you find in a festival how are you, here I leave the “shopping list” so you save it and marques if you’ve managed to do everything.

In Fallas I can not perderme.jpg

As you can see in this video, I do than I have:

To summarize I will say that if you come to the Fallas in Valencia you can enjoy the party at any time of day or night do you crave donuts for breakfast / lunch / dinner / re-dinner? There you will have hundreds of posts (almost one in each corner) to satisfy your craving.


Gunpowder is central part of the Fallas festival , I would say that part of the Valencian soul. If there is a wedding or a christening, fireworks off the church will, because the noise is synonymous with joy. But failures also use professional fireworks gunpowder in a controlled and artistic, so do not miss “les mascletaes” at noon and castles night. And if you keep wanting to try, buy and throw firecrackers, albeit with care and respect for the people walking down the street.


Failures are street parties , so bring your sneakers and get ready to roam around the city to see failure, dancing with the bands, go see the offering. Valencia is a flat city very comfortable for walking and failures pedestrians take to the streets.


In short, come once failures, takes every opportunity that you submit to laugh, dance and enjoy … and surely come back!


PS Do not cry when burned, it means that spring is here !! Or, as they say very Fallas, that means it is only a year for the following faults. :-)

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